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Sounds scary to me. I'm still scared to walk under it while it's in the
air, and it has two posts with a tiebar on the top of the posts, and a
bunch of huge studs with monster nuts shot down through 4" of concrete per
side. Plus he made sure to have them pour the concrete in such a way that
each post would be in the middle of a section of poured slab so it wouldn't
be weakened by being near the edge.

That said, it's a cheap lift... supposedly it can handle 9,000lbs per side
(18k total) before the arms fail. More than enough to lift a 4100lb Dakota
or his F*ord F-150, or a Cummins Ram for that matter but I'd not be putting
any commercial trucks on it..

He had quite a time putting it together. It took a couple calls to get the
right parts and some re-engineering because the directions were awful, but
my Dad likes cheap. For example, the safety locks that came with it were
too short to engage properly and made out of aluminum. These are big metal
spring loaded tabs that ratchet into slots in the posts as it goes up, then
when you get it to the height you want you wait for it to click into place
then drop the lift enough so the locks take the weight load rather than the
lift mechanism. He called the place he got them from that imports them
from Mexico and they actually sliced a couple of new longer ones out of
thick steel plate instead.
Just as well I trust steel more than aluminum when it has several thousand
pounds resting on it.

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> I remember as a boy, working in a Chevron station with a single-post hoist.
> When I got ready to take the car down, I would spin it around 180 degrees
> and drive it straight out the door.
> If we cannot afford to take care of Veterans, then we should stop making
> them.
> David C. Wilker Jr.
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> My father recently built a new shop and installed a 2 post lift. I used it
> for the first time today to replace my CV axles on my '95 Dak and I have to
> say things are SO MUCH EASIER when you're not crawling around in the dirt
> and oil flat on your back trying to replace something.
> Downside is I found more redneck engineering on the driver's side front
> suspension. The same idiots who stripped out one of the caliper bolt holes
> and left it sitting in there loose until the caliper piston broke into
> pieces and also ground down the head on one of the banjo bolts for the
> caliper for no known reason) also stripped out the threaded hole for the
> lower shock bolt. They replaced it with what appears to be a bolt for a
> starter and a LUG NUT. Idiots!
> Looks like I'm in for new shocks soon too. The fronts seem to be
> semi-seized. I guess Bilsteins are in it's future.
> M.B.

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