RE: water pump ?'s

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2012 - 11:56:09 EDT

On Aug 10, 2012 11:09 PM, "Jim" <> wrote:
> first off when u get the new one make sure it includes the bypass pipe
> (black steel press fit, electrolytically welded to the Al pump body)

The one I used had the tube as a separate part number, there was an oring
on the tube to seal it, was just press fit. Be sure to replace that oring
or it will leak. I would also recommend getting a new pump over reman,
there's usually less issues, I've gotten a few bad remans before.

I don't remember for sure but I feel like there's a small rubber line that
goes from the top of the pump to up near the intake manifold, but that
might be for the 318, I don't remember.

> break the fan free b4 u pull the serp belt
> can be R&Red with the shroud in place

Pull the shroud (6 nuts) and remove the pump with the fan attached. Chuck
the impeller in a bench vise and remove the fan that way, there's plenty of
clearance to remove it as a unit without the shroud and it's easier than
trying to stop the pump from turning.

> have to move the alt and AC compressor out of the way, no need to break
> AC hoses

No need to touch any of these things, but I would change belts, maybe pop
for a new tensioner if needed.

Remember to remove all the old gasket so you get a clean surface for the
new gasket. No sealant should be used, the paper gasket is all you need.
If it leaks there was a surface prep mistake.

Good luck,

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