Re: Ping at WOT and high RPM

From: Mike Sykes (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2012 - 11:50:01 EDT

I'm going to see about having some poor schlub change the O2 sensor for
me and reset the ECU, drive for a while and see what my plugs look
like. They sure seemed awful white to me when I pulled the FR4s
especially considering the normal drive for this truck is 2.5 miles each
way to and from work with 10-13 stoplights each way. The O2 sensor is
the stock one I'm pretty sure and there's 144k on the truck, so I'm 44k
overdue. ;)<<<

Make sure you don't use a Bosch sensor. Get a Denso. (Denso is OEM, so
that's what you'll get from the dealer)

- miggity

00' stroked R/T CC
DMLer since 1996!

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