Re: Re: Ping at WOT and high RPM

From: M.B. (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2012 - 03:11:23 EDT

On 9/6/2012 7:54 AM, Mike Sykes wrote:
> I went from NGK FR4 to NGK zfr6f-11. You'd think two ranges colder
> would be excessive but this is what's recommended for 97+ 5.2L and 5.9L
> Ram/Dakotas from what says.<<<
> I run the zfr6f-11 in my 408. Some guys even run the zfr7f-11, which
> is one range colder. I didn't notice a difference in the 7 vs. the 6,
> but I'm not in a position to need a cooler plug (yet).
> - miggity
> 00' stroked R/T CC
> DMLer since 1996!

Yeah, I don't think I'll try the 7 heat range yet, it took some time for
it to adapt to the 6 heat range, for the first few miles my throttle
response was a little dull.

I'm going to see about having some poor schlub change the O2 sensor for
me and reset the ECU, drive for a while and see what my plugs look
like. They sure seemed awful white to me when I pulled the FR4s
especially considering the normal drive for this truck is 2.5 miles each
way to and from work with 10-13 stoplights each way. The O2 sensor is
the stock one I'm pretty sure and there's 144k on the truck, so I'm 44k
overdue. ;)

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