4.7 valve stuck?

From: tony@tasteofthemidway.com
Date: Sun Sep 09 2012 - 20:34:00 EDT

Ok, now that the 4.7 is running, I have other
cyl #8 misfire was not due to bad coil
pack,  Rocker arm was off.
pulled cover snapped back on, but
very loose, pulled off, removed lash adjuster noticed the plunger is stuck
EXTENDED all the way?
tells me the only way that can be is if the
exhause valve is stuck partly open.
I tried to depress the valve and
it did seem to move. I poured some marvel mystery oil on it, but suspect
carbon loose in cyl may have dropped into valve, (has been sitting 1 1/2
years almost)?
any ideas what I can do to clean that
Obviously I'm replacing the lash adjuster, the rest all looked
good on 2, 4 and 6, some sludge but not much in head...
don't really
have time or $ to pull head so hoping someone has an

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