Re: 4.7 2000 CC DAK Weird issue

Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 21:04:54 EDT

Check the 2 wires going from the plug on the alt. that go to the
pcm,  if not melted open or shorted could be the pcm, it controled
the alt. or i guess could be the alt.? never seen a alt run wild on it's
own but guess it could?
you could  have it

> I was driving to the store the other day and it acted like it was

> its shifts. It would suddenly engage and jerk the whole truck. Then

> voltage gauge spiked to 18v and I got a check gauges warning. I put
it in

> neutral and turned it off, then restarted it. Everything seemed to go

> to normal except now my voltage gauge started dropping from above 14

> around 12ish. I could see the lights on the gauges flickering too.

> battery isn't that old, maybe 6 months.



> At first I thought it was the trans, but since the electric was
wacky, I

> was thinking it might be pcm related? What do you guys think?


> Thanks!!



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