Re: [SPAM] Clutch eater from Hell

Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 21:19:08 EDT

Never had a clutch prob. on my 97 2.5 BUT
I had a F250 I got used
with a history of clutch probs like you.
they replaced the slave and
master, clutch disc PP etc. several times and gave
I found the prob was NO FREEPLAY at top of clutch
pedal, the master cyl needs to be fully released  for the pasage to
open to let all fluid pressure off the slave. so basically it was like
riding the clutch pedal all the time destroyed every clutch!
looked at my pedal on my 97, must be an adjustment? but 1st, do you have
the required freeplay at top pedal? if you do, you may have a bad master
cyl, too...
The f250 worked fine for years after I fixed,  had
been bad since it was new? (QC anyone at ford?)
miss my 97, love
that truck, need to save up $1000 and fix it up!

> Hello all

> I am pulling my hairs out! I have the massive Powered 2.5L/5-Speed

> Cab

> 1998 Sport. I initially replaced the clutch at 125k due to

> Since

> then I have replaced it THREE times! First three came from AutoZone,

> one is a GripForce Street/Strip It lasted 13 months). What is
happening is

> that the center hub of the disk is separating from the rest of the
disk. I

> can drive @ 25MPH and limp home, but that's it. I don't race or drive

> hard. I haul nothing heavier than my oversize ass. Anyone have any

> past experience or good guess? I replaced the throwout bearing,

> the flywheel, etc.



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