Re: Replace head?

From: John Dunlap (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2012 - 09:40:41 EDT

I would pop the valve cover first just to see what is. You should be
able to see at that point exactly what's up, unless the valve face is
burned or you have damaged rings. I'd shop around for a short block
you might get a better deal than the $400. Pulling heads is not a big
deal unless you have to go borrow tools then you probably have never
done it before. May just have to get a payday loan to get this thing
You don't say how many miles on it. If it's fairly low mileage valve
job would be worth it. If high mileage, valve job & restoration of
proper combustion pressure might cause trouble for the bottom end.

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> Ok,
> �
> I did a compression check only like 50 # comp in
> #8...
> So valve IS open, problem is, is it still carbon?or the
> seat?
> �
> I poured marvel Mystery oil down the plug hole
> and cranked it, let it sit and fired it up, still no go, just lots of
> smoke...
> �
> called one guy told me $1000 to pull heads and
> do valve job! not an option don't have that kinda $
> �
> How
> hard is it to pull pass side head?
> anyone do a
> 4.7?
> �
> and what would be a good $ to get valves done on
> it? or am I better off new head? Advance auto has $399 with cam and all
> installed... still alot of $
> �
> any ideas?
> This
> didn't have any valve issues when parked, so how could seat come out just
> from sitting?
> �
> any other ideas before I dive into
> removing head?
> I have no garage so doing it in the driveway NOT alot
> of fun!
> Thanks....
> Tony

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