Re: Replace head?

From: Mike Sykes (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2012 - 10:27:17 EDT

called one guy told me $1000 to pull heads and
do valve job! not an option don't have that kinda $

hard is it to pull pass side head?
anyone do a
4.7? and what would be a good $ to get valves done on
it? or am I better off new head? Advance auto has $399 with cam and all
installed... still alot of $ any ideas?<<<

Pulling the head shouldn't be too hard, just mark the cam sprockets and head
to make sure the cam is where it needs to be when you put the head back on.
Pulling the head may lead you to the source of the issue. You may wanna
start there before you drop any coin on a new head.

- miggity

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