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Date: Sat Dec 22 2012 - 22:31:21 EST

Gen II Daks with the 5.2L do use a reverse rotation water-pump (CCW Rotation).
I used an aftermarket FlowKooler pump (Part 1790) on my '95 5.2L - worked well
and lasted for 10-12 years.
This was running Thorley Headers into a Gibson exhaust, a flowed TB, K&N, MSD
ignition controller/wires, Mopar HiPo SBEC, 180 Stat and a B&M shift kit.

Not sure what year you're looking for, but check the FlowKooler site and you
should find what you need.


In article <52E0D30D953B4A5F8F0B96EC13EB60FB@Dakota>, ("Ray
Block") writes:
> Perhaps you saw the tech article in Mopar Action? I 'think' the magnum pump
> is reverse rotation from the pre-magnums but I'm pretty sure Rick Ehrenburg
> of Mopar Action would know and could tell you if there's a better than stock
> pump for a magnum. He sometimes answers email pretty quickly on weekends.
> FWIW, I've had no issues with cooling/water-pump on my '92.
> Ray
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> > From: John Dunlap
> >
> > I need a quick response please....I understand that there was a 'Police"
> > engine version of a water pump for 5.2L (318) c.1990 etc. Is there a
> > larger
> > better one for the 5.2L Magnum engine. Or is there an aftermarket item to
> > fit this motor?
> >
> > John, in Texas

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