Re: 2000 4.7l cc 4x4

From: Mike Sykes (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2013 - 11:20:47 EST

Your options are pretty limited as far as gears, but somebody probably makes
a custom set if you want to go with a higher rear end. I'm doubtful it'll
help gas mileage unless you do a lot of highway driving. When I went to 4.56
my city mileage stayed the same, but my highway mileage went in to the

>>you should change the speedometer drive
gear (even if it's an electronic speedometer!) to correct it.<<

This is incorrect. There is a speed sensor on the rear axle. No need to
change the gear in 2000.

- miggity

00' stroked R/T CC
DMLer since 1996!

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