2000 4.7l QC

From: tony@tasteofthemidway.com
Date: Tue Feb 19 2013 - 19:51:12 EST

Finally got mine running, after rebuilding both heads, new MAP sensor,
new Cam & Crank sensors, new P.S. sensor, New Downstream O2, water
pump, heater Core, Ball Joint (had been replaced but jerk didn't tighten
castle Nut and messed it up!) Radiator, hoses,Muffler,plugs,filters,
PCM... I know I'm forgetting something,,,
anyways, finally got light
to stay off so passed inspection, but came back on, getting p1391
intermittent loss of cam or crank sensor...
it DOES misfire now
& then, cleaned connectors on both plugs, shook harness no ill
Any ideas???
Also, milage
on the 1st tank full was rotten!
Maybe 250 miles on a 24 gal
It's GOT to be better than that!
hope it's got a leak
other than that runs good.
Oh, and
heat sucks!
New heater core, both in and out hoses feel about the
same so it's flowing, but only get warm air at best even with engine at
Direction of flow shouldn't matter should it?
if hoses are on wrong?

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