E-Fan was: 2000 4.7l cc 4x4

From: Mike Sykes (mikesykes@cox.net)
Date: Wed Feb 20 2013 - 21:57:17 EST

Speaking of which, has anyone else picked up the Jeep Grand Cherokee
electric fan (with shroud) and installed it on the same year as my truck?
Looking for tips/tricks and things to look out for.
Read a couple places that it is a "drop in" install, but I'm not sure where
I need to wire it in at. Still researching...<<

I did this on my 2000 R/T. Was a direct plug n' play. Had to drill some
mounting holes for it. I didn't use a shroud, though. I can send you some
pics if you'd like.

- miggity

00' stroked R/T CC
DMLer since 1996!

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