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From: Azie L. Magnusson (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2013 - 11:36:44 EDT

Phillip B. writes:: >> I was looking through my service
manual, and it says the following:
"A Snap-On 36MM Fan Wrench (number SP346 from
Snap-On Cummins Diesel Tool Set number 2017DSP)
and Special Tool 6958 Spanner Wrench with Adapter Pins
8346 can be used to hold the pulley still. (Fig. 86) to prevent
pulley from rotating."

Did you have these tools? If not, what did you use to
remove the clutch fan?
I found the 36mm Fan wrench on Amazon for $28.
Can't seem to find the 6958 Spanner wrench for less
than $115 tho. :( <<

36MM converts to 1.417". The nearest standard SAE
measurement is 1 7/16". I have a good set of large
open/box end wrenches but the largest wrench in the
set is 1 1/4". So, This is what I do::
I use an old large Cresent wrench on mine & it has
worked well.. It is a bit thick, but with a few taps
with a light hammer towards the nut(I do NOT strike
it hard), it will just barely get on the nut.. Leave the
serpentine belt on to help in holding the shaft from
rotating.. Strike the wrench in a loosening direction
to 'break it loose',(may have to repeat a few times) then
it is easy to continue loosening until it is off.
Note:: 'Thick' being that it is very tight between the fan
& the Water pump pulley, not tight on the nut..

Good luck,

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