RE:Long Shot: Anybody got spare parts for the HVAC box?

From: Zito, James A (GE Power & Water) (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2013 - 14:53:30 EDT

>From Dave G:

>>I don't understand what you're getting at here. The HVAC box has the evaporator in it. That has to be in the cabin. If you're getting condensation on the outside of >>the HVAC box (have you pulled the dash to verify this?), something is wonky. There should be condentsation happening inside the box, and running out the drain at >>the bottom.

No for literally decades, evaps lived in the engine bay. The Dakota is the ONLY vehicle I've ever owned with A/C that had the evap in the cabin. And this includes GM, Frod, Nissan and Toyotas. And vehicles from the late 60's through the present day.

Typically folks run the AC with the windows closed, in that configuration, the humidity in the cabin air DOES end up condensing out on the inside of the HVAC box and runs out the drain. However, that assumes the unit is either in recirc mode so there is a finite supply of humidity, or is being fed outside air through the ducts and condenses the humidty before it reaches the cabin. But when folks run AC with the windows down, for whatever reason, the outside of the HVAC box basically reaches the same temperature as the evap core and with the "infinite" supply of humidity it condenses out on the exterior of the HVAC box. It's simple physics.......


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