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Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 15:38:02 EST

[I'm taking the liberty of forwarding this without permission, since
multiple people seem to be experiencing the same gas tank woes. DZavetsky
provides some new information about the TSBs, though. Can anybody confirm
(maybe even with Chrysler TSP #s)? Hope this is OK, D. - rlr]

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First of all, I envy your mileage, even with the "odd" mathematics involving
your tank!! I have a 4x4 automatic v8 and get about 16 mpg HIWAY.....only
11-13 city...

Anyways, I have the same "problem".....what it is is that when the larger
tanks were installed at the factory, the sending unit for the 18 gallon was
used rather than the one for the 22.......This means that the fuel level
reads empty prmaturely.......This was verified by a number of TSBs by
Chrysler which I found at

I find it only slightly annoying....I lokk at it as an extra reserve of fuel
in the event that I see the light come on and I cant get to a station right
away......I have driven the truck till the gauge was BELOW empty and STILL
only got 19 gallons into it!!! I am too afraid to drain it, so thats the
lowest Ive gotten...

Seems as though they wouldve taken car of the problem for 96's though......

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