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From: Gary B. Kubat (
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 14:29:00 EST

Hello everyone! Not sure how many of you there are yet, but I was wondering
if anyone has the skuttle-butt on the upcoming '97 or '98 revisions to the

You see, I'm stuck here on this rock until July '97 when I get to rotate
back to civilization--at which point I want a truck again. I had a '91
Toyota 4x4, but sold it before being assigned here in order to ship the
family car. When I return stateside, or possibly Alaska, I will probably
want a pickup again to haul all of my outdoorsey 'stuff'. The 4 banger I
had in the Toy was far too light hearted on the open road, although it did
great back in the woods. I suspect the 318 in the Dakota to be a real nice
engine to have. Those of you who have one, how well does it do on steep
mountain freeways? Could you keep up to 70-ish on the Lewiston hill, for
example, or up any of the passes in the Cascades or northern rockies?

I've heard the '97 model will be a redesign, following similar form to the
Ram--is this true, or merely pipe dreams of my friends? How might this
affect the off-road abilities of the Dakota? So many questions....

Thanks for any info!

Hafa Adai!
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