Re: Howdy folks!

From: Rader = Darn Jar All Dry Error (
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 15:20:42 EST

>I suspect the 318 in the Dakota to be a real nice
>engine to have. Those of you who have one, how well does it do on steep
>mountain freeways? Could you keep up to 70-ish on the Lewiston hill, for
>example, or up any of the passes in the Cascades or northern rockies?

  I've got a '95 4x2 club cab with the 318, and spend some time towing
our boat back and forth (about a 3500# load total). I won't say that
the load is unnoticeable with the 318, but I will say I have absolutely
no problem maintaining 70mph on the fairly rolling hills along I-85.

  Without a load, I have a problem keeping it down to 70 (even in the
Blue Ridge, which admittedly is a good deal smoother than the Cascades).


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