Re: Source of Molded Mud Flaps

From: Rader = Darn Jar All Dry Error (
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 17:42:15 EST

>> Hmmm, my dealer told me they had them, albeit very expen$ive...
>> I have seen them in the Western Auto type places, but I have no idea
>>whether or not they fit over the SLT wheel well moldings. I've also
>>seen them advertised in the JC Whitney catalog. Ditto for the fit.

>The ones in the Mopar accessory catalog are the flat type. They actually have
>two types a mud flap at ~$8/pair and spray flaps at ~$21/pair. The only
>difference I can see is the spray flaps are somewhat larger and stiffer.

  Hmmm redux, the dealer told me they had flaps embossed with a "Dakota"
logo for $20/flap. Perhaps they've found a source other than Mopar,
but I wasn't interested enough in an $80 set of mud flaps to look any
>I will probably resort to the flat mud flaps. I'm not sure if I can use the
>same holes and screws for the wheel well moldings. I'd rather not drill new
>holes in my new truck...

  I know how you feel, but after checking my '95, it looks like there are
two possibly-usable current holes. I think I'd have to drill one more
in the plastic that constitutes the bottom of the wheel well. I'm not
too worried about that.

  I really wish that a molded set existed that would fit around the
current moldings.

  Thanks for the reply,


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