RE: CD Player Input on Cassette Radio ...

Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 08:36:16 EST

>Results were big time noise/static when playing CDs. When using the
>adapter the system works great. I do not know if the static is a result of
>problem in the stereo or CD player or because the Y-cable was not
shielded. I
>have not tried to chase it down because the cassette adapter works just

You were powering the CD from the lighter socket weren't you?

That noise is classic 'ground-loop'. Caused by having two components with
a different electrical ground potential. This is another reason I really
hate OEM radios. The Cassette adapter works because no real electrical
connection is made. You can eliminate the problem with a special patch
cable, but the better solution is to find good grounds for both items.

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