Ignition & misc.

From: Tim Bontrager (TBontrager@dpra.com)
Date: Sat Feb 03 1996 - 14:20:09 EST

A few weeks back (when it was warm) I installed a Jacobs Ultra Team ignition
on my '92 V8 4x4.
I've been very pleased so far. The truck has a seat of the pants difference
in power. Not only in
off the line performance, but climbing hills in cruise control, the truck
downshifts to 3rd a lot less
often to maintain speed. I don't have much real mpg data yet. The weather's
been real cold in
Kansas, so my mileage has suffered as a result. I do track mileage, so maybe
I'll have some
comparison numbers later in the year. It sounds like Chris Siano has some
good info. I hope I'm
able to duplicate it. I paid $390 for the Ultra Team kit direct from Jacobs.
 The install was
extremely easy. It took me longer to install new plugs and wires than it did
to install the ignition.

Someone asked for more detail on aftermarket exhausts. I'll relate my
experience. I bought a 3"
cat-back exhaust from Turbo City, Orange, CA (714) 639-4933. It cost me 267
+ $25 install in
1994. According to the instructions, the 3" system was available for '92 and
'93, and a 2.5" for
'94. It included a very large, straight thru alminized muffler and all
mandrel-bent 16 guage
tubing. Parts were included for install on short or long bed trucks. I have
been extremely
pleased with the results and recommend it highly. The truck is louder now,
but has more power
and better performance. If you don't want your truck to sound like a
performance V8, don't do it!

Back to my transmission fluid change woes, what do you pay for an automatic
fluid change on a
V8, 4x4 fluid change? Do you recommend having a Dodge dealer do it? Do the
other shops
know to use the exact Mopar fluid that's recommended? Thanks for the input.

Fuel guage observation: My fuel warning light comes on after 16 gallons are
gone. I have a 22
gallon tank. IMHO, that's too soon. I had my sending unit replaced under
warranty. No
difference. While travelling, I now carry an extra five gallons of gas in
the back.

Has anyone actually done a 2" body lift on a V8 4x4? I've seen that there is
a kit available, but I
also have heard all sorts of caveats. Stuff like cooling problems, weird
hose routing, etc. I'd like
to do it, but I'm scared of screwing up a good truck.

Lastly, a tire question. Chris Siano says his MTs are 30.2" tall and just
fit. I'd like to see a
picture of your truck Chris. I'm thinking about BFG ATs or MTs at 30x9.5R15s
or maybe
Firestone RMTs. How does this tire size compare to stock 235/75R15s?
Opinions on the tires

Thanks all!

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