Transmission Problems

From: Dennis E. Robison (
Date: Sat Feb 17 1996 - 12:42:11 EST

I was delighted to find this listserv discussion group! I have a 92
Dakota, v8 (318? - largest, anyway), extended cab, 4X4 with which I'm
very please accept for two things - one was a poor paint job but that's
easily fixed. The second is a very intermittent transmission problem. I
have an automatic. On occasion when I'm starting off it will act as
though it isn't quite engaged. The engine will race and the truck will
move very slowly, then everything seems to catch up and engage. This has
happened when the truck has sat overnight and when I've been on the road
and stopped for lunch so whether it is warmed up or not doesn't seem to
matter. I've taken it into a transmission shop where they have checked
it out for leaks, vacuum pressure, etc. and found nothing wrong. A
friend who owns an auto parts store suggested that the valves in the
transmission might be sticking and need some type of cleaning fluid put
in the transmission to unstick the valves but I'm a bit afraid to do that
without further consultation. Any ideas? Happen to anyone else?

        Dennis Robison

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