MP computer removal

From: Bill Countie (
Date: Sun Feb 18 1996 - 21:27:48 EST

Hello all,
        I got sick of the pinging of the MP computer with Mobil premium
gas and the implied promise of the octane rating to stay the same from
summer to winter. So I did the unbelieveable, I replaced my MP computer
with the stock computer. I noticed a few things at once. My performance
was not was what it once once was, the acceleration above 3500 rpm was a
bit more relaxed than it once was. I have never had my performance tested
so my seat of the pants feel is my only guide. I'll let you all know what
I find when I go through a couple of tanks. I expect a better fuel
economy reading during the winter months as the gas is "CRAP" from
November to April in my state (Massachusetts).

1994 Dakota 5.2l 5 speed (R/T in progress)
(-MP computer for the winter)
Bill Countie


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