R134a (fwd)

From: Frank Ball (frankb@cougar.sr.hp.com)
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 14:47:01 EST

& >Don't let anyone convince you to convert to the R134a garbage.
& Hopefully this is somewhat MoPar related, as my new '96 Dakota has the R134a
& "garbage" in it instead of Freon. I am aware that R134a is more
& "environmentally friendly" but other than that, I don't know much about
& it... Could someone enlighten me on the pros and cons of this stuff??

An AC compressor with R134a is less efficient. It takes longer to
cool down. If you put R134 in an old style compressor it won't cool
down enough, and I think there are some compressor/oil problems that
might limit compressor life. For a new car with a made for R134 system
it is no big deal, it just takes a little longer to cool, and the gas
milege may suffer slightly. If you have a freon system haveing to
replace the compressor is a rip off, since this is more about politics
than the environment. Dupont's patent on freon was expiring, so they
came up with R134 with a new patent. Then got the eco-freaks to go
bannanas without any real scientific evidence.

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