RE: Suspension lift kits

Date: Thu Feb 22 1996 - 15:48:22 EST

From: on Thu, Feb 22, 1996 3:15 PM

>I have a 1993 Dakota Club Cab 2-wheel drive. I am interested in installing a
>4-6" lift suspension on it. Does anyone have any experience with this and may
>know how much it might cost, where to order, how hard to install, etc...?


I have not seen any suspension lift kits for 2wd Dakota's. Even the 4x4
suspension kits available are only 2" or 3". There are body lift kits of 2"
avaliable that could be used on a 2wd. Unless you are willing to do major
suspension surgery 4"-6" suspension lift is out on a 2wd.

Why would you be interested in lifting a 2wd vehicle? The current fad is to slam
them as close to the ground as possible.

Dave Clement
89 Dakota 4x4 LE

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