RE: Suspension lift kits

Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 19:15:31 EST

From: on Fri, Feb 23, 1996 5:38 PM

>BTW, I wonder what alternatives people have used to solve this problem.
>I may go to 30 inch tires, which would help; but I don't want new springs
>all around. So what works better, jacks/stands, or ramps? Obviously, I
>can't do work requiring wheel removal with ramps, but can I change
>oil/fluids, or does the tilt from the ramp make that less efficient?

I use ramps all the time. All of the vehicles I have had have the oil drain plug
at the back of the pan so the ramps actually makes it easier to drain the oil.
My 4x4 Dakota can be a pain becuase the skid plate and swaybar splash the oil
all over but a larger drain pan has solved that. I also use jack stands and have
a hydraulic floor jack.



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