RE: Suspension lift kits

From: Kurt Bouman (
Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 17:16:59 EST

I often think of trying to add 2-3 inches of suspension lift to my 2WD,
and this is why: For 6 years I had a Toyota 4WD, which had plenty of
room underneath for me to, 1) drive on woods roads and two-tracks that
were deeply rutted (I did not need 4WD, just clearance); and, 2) crawl
under the beast without jacking it to change oil, fix starter, etc.
While suspension lift will not help axle clearance, it would allow
someone--esp. a too-many-cheeseburger person like me--to scoot underneath
more easily.

BTW, I wonder what alternatives people have used to solve this problem.
I may go to 30 inch tires, which would help; but I don't want new springs
all around. So what works better, jacks/stands, or ramps? Obviously, I
can't do work requiring wheel removal with ramps, but can I change
oil/fluids, or does the tilt from the ramp make that less efficient?

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