Date: Fri Aug 02 1996 - 21:24:19 EDT

Hi there!

This is my first post to this list. I have a '95 extended cab, V-8, 4x4 manual
with the 1800# rear (to which I added a leaf)and limited slip 3.9 diff
with 30k. I recently broke my swaybar (Helliwig). Maybe I'll try a Herb
Adams if they are available.

The truck handles a load of cordwood stacked to the roof of the topper
beautifully! What truck! The Dakota is the first Chrysler product I've owned
since a 1977 Dodge van (a dog). I'll be trying bigger tires as soon as the
stock ones wear out.

My other toys are:
'95 Chevy Impala SS LT1 350 (fast, real fast.)
'73 Jeep J-4000 4x4 pickup, 4bbl 360, 3" lift. (ugly, real ugly.)

I have been lurking on this list for some time now, and have heard some
discussion about some fan or engine noise. My problem similar to
Stephen Pchajek's.-->

>The dealer of course couldn't find the problem until I took it in
>on a real hot (85+) day. He took me for a test drive and when it happened he
>pulled over, slipped it into park and held the engine roaring away at around
>1500 rpm.
>There is a TSB on the problem.

I've heard that noise on hot days as well, and sometimes it happens when I
start the truck up cold!. Did the having the service specified in the TSB
done fix this problem?
Harpers Ferry, WV

'95 Chevy Impala SS
'73 Jeep J-4000 4x4 pickup

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