Dakota V8 4x4 long-term MPG -Reply

From: erh (KMansfie@compucom.com)
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 00:21:15 EDT


What 318 Mag do you have anyway?!?!

I have never gotten better than 16.5 on any one tank (I don't keep
records like you but I do go from empty to full to empty every time and
compute the average every tank). I have 77K on my 92 LE 2wd and am
getting around 13.5 now. I run Exxon 93 religiously and have installed
the 14" K&N Filtercharger and Mich. LTX M&S tires. I never really hoped
for better than 15. Maybe its that cool, dense Mass. air that boosts your


>>> "Phil McClay" <Phil_McClay@qmgateib.mitre.org> 07/26/96 08:09am
Date Mileage (MPG)
Jan-94 16.15
Feb-94 16.49
Mar-94 17.30
Apr-94 18.60
May-94 18.46
Jun-94 18.99
Jul-94 18.76
Aug-94 18.85
Sep-94 18.62
Oct-94 17.73
Nov-94 18.01
Dec-94 18.08
Jan-95 17.53
Feb-95 16.82
Mar-95 17.51
Apr-95 18.21
May-95 18.60
Jun-95 19.37
Jul-95 19.14
Aug-95 18.82
Sep-95 19.07
Oct-95 17.99
Nov-95 17.94
Dec-95 17.05
Jan-96 16.65
Feb-96 17.35
Mar-96 17.83
Apr-96 18.18
May-96 20.06
Jun-96 19.56

Each data point above is the month's average, accounts for about 1 tank
fuel per week (320 to 380 miles) and includes both city and highway
Fuel mileage varies mainly with ambient temperature (and EPA-mandated
oxygenated fuel). Nearly all mileage data is for 87 octane fuel, with no
appreciable increase for higher octane. Peak mileage (21 MPG) occurs
on long
highway trips with light loads. No towing data appears in the above
The truck gets approximately 15.0 MPG when towing a 2200 lb.
combination and 500 lbs. of camping equipment in the bed. Tow mileage
includes mountains (well, as high as they get in Virginia, Tennessee, and
Vermont -- ya'll got bigger ones out west). No statistically significant fuel
mileage change resulted from either the bed cover or the synthetic oil.
there is no detectable difference between 2WD and 4WD, which is to be
since all of that stuff is turning anyway. I've got a spreadsheet which
accounts for every tank of gas since the truck was new to back all of
this up.

Driving habits: speed limit plus 10, highway nominal of 65 MPH whatever
speed limit, maximum highway speed of 75-80 MPH, and lots of
starts ;-)

Phil McClay


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