Re: Dakota V8 4x4 long-term MPG -Reply

From: Sam (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 11:22:49 EDT

You wrote:
>What 318 Mag do you have anyway?!?!
>I have never gotten better than 16.5 on any one tank (I don't keep
>records like you but I do go from empty to full to empty every time and
>compute the average every tank). I have 77K on my 92 LE 2wd and am
>getting around 13.5 now. I run Exxon 93 religiously and have installed
>the 14" K&N Filtercharger and Mich. LTX M&S tires. I never really hoped
>for better than 15. Maybe its that cool, dense Mass. air that boosts your

It sounds feasible. My '95 5-speed 4x2 w/318 gets on average 16.00 mpg since new
(18 months & 38000 miles ago!). I have seen 19.9, 18's on rare occations (60 mph,
flat land, no wind, empty.) I getting mid 17's is quite common on a 68 mph (2200
rpm) long distance cruise. I just returned from Big Bear on Sunday and my round
trip average w/a Suzuki DR350 motorcycle on my receiver hitch carrier, and 1
passenger was 16.5 from San Diego. I ran 75 mph on the highway, and 40-45 all the
wall up the grade. I too have the K&N FIPK filter, but also ran with my mopar
performance SBEC, and 3" Ultra Flo exhaust.
I have mileage figures for EVERY fillup I have ever done (about 118 trips to the
gas station so far) for tax purposes, and have a pretty good feel for what mileage
is possible.
If you'd want it (it's in excel format), let me know. I friend of mine looked at
it before he bought his new Dakota... It made him feel pretty good about what to
expect from a 'real world' figure (not the window mileage figures!).
    ...Sam '95 SLT


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