3" Exhaust fabricating

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Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 00:27:10 EDT

The guy at Super Shops told me the same about 3" pipe bending. He
recommended a couple of national chains that would have the correct
dies. He pointed out that some new Chevy trucks and the Cummins Ram
have 3" pipes, so more shops should be getting the tools for them.


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>I'm going to cut off the stock muffler behind the cat, clamp on a piece of
>3" pipe about the same length as between the cat and the stock muffler
>have an exhaust shop custom bend a piece of 3" pipe from there back
>roughly the same shape as the stock tailpipe. The stocker rubs the
>bushing on the rear (Hellwig) anti-sway bar, so the 3 incher will
>be closer to the spare tire. Going to make a heat shield out of a piece
>of the heat shield stuff they sell for plumbers to use while soldering
>copper pipes in place. Home Depot has it for about $15 apiece. I'll pop
>rivet it to a piece of 0.040" aluminum sheet then fasten it to the
>underside of the box somehow.

I do not know if you have a shop to bend the tubing yet, but last night
I picked up the 2.5" pipe for my truck I was talking to the shop owner and

he stated that he did not bend 3" because he did not have the dies. The
die set was over $600 and there was not enough business to warrent
investment for him. I suggest that you make sure they have the 3" dies,
is the second time where the muffler shop did not have them. A memeber
the Shelby Club mentioned that he had an exprience where a shop tried
bend 3" with 2.5 dies and it seriously distorted the tubing.

Dave Clement
89 4x4 LE


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