Re: Out of steam at 115 mph

From: Glenn S. Wiltse (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 06:26:42 EDT

   Well I've got a 96 with about 4,000 miles on it. It's a 4x4 318-V8 with
4sp Auto., club cab too... I was doing 109MPH the other day and the
tach hadn't even hit 3 yet, and it sure didn't feel like it was out of
steam to me. I did have a reasonably bad viberation when I hit about 100
and a big fear of a police person seeing me going over 100, so I didn't
stay there too long.

   My questions are... Anyone actually hit the top end on one and care
to tell us how it was doing, and what the speed was? Do I dare go to
my dealer and tell him I have a bad shake above 100MPH?
   Another semi-related question... Does anyone know anything about
being able to get into the Chrysler proving grounds once a year if
your a Chrysler auto owner? I once heard something about this and
since I'm rather close I'd really like to go in there and maybe even
talk to someone about a shake at 100 MPH. My buddy who has a Jeep told
me he knew someone that was going to give him a ticket to such a event
but I didn't think a ticket was needed, only a Chrysler product to drive

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, erh wrote:

> I'm so glad for you to see me,
> I've been on vaca for a week so that's why some of my replies to the
> threads seem tardy. My PC was torn down for moving and I haven't
> connected it yet. Borrowed this laptop from work just to read my 154
> e-mails. Oh, and not to brag, but my Thinkpad 760 should arrive this
> week.
> Anyway, about transmission speeds and shifts:
> My 92 318 Mag auto-tranny seems to be shifting properly after 77k miles
> and only one service. I can easily find the correct throttle position to
> unlock the converter or downshift to 3rd or 2nd (depending on current
> speed, of course). My wish is it's command, if I throttle it right. Never
> had the problem of jumping gears while in cruise.
> Newest thrash: 96 Acura Integra
> We were humming along I-35 at about 75 mph when an Accord jerked
> onto the highway in front of the Integra. So, the Integra jerked into the
> middle lane in front of me (too close). So, with the left lane empty, I
> jerked over and floored it. The Integra went to fourth and tried to keep
> up, but he couldn't. He kept getting smaller and smaller in my rearview.
> He finally exited in shame and I saw 115 in the speedo. I really think he
> could have eventually outlegged me. But, as the saying goes, second
> place is the first loser (do Olympic silver medalists know that?).
> At 115, my Dak seemed to be running out of steam. I didn't check the
> tach but I'm sure it was a few hundred away from red (not enough
> engine noise), and I don't remember if it was in 3rd or OD at the time. I
> did have the windows up and the A/C on and was seriously trying to
> make a new hole in the floorboard with the pedal. I kinda think it had
> something to do with having all the aerodynamics of a brick wall.
> Comments? Any other Dakota top speeds to talk about? How about
> from you slammers? Lower should be better for topping out higher.
> klm

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