Dakota Top Speed

From: Gregory M Smith (gmsmith@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 12:53:08 EDT

I posted the following back in January when some folks had questions
about rev limiters and speed governors. Perhaps it will shed some light
on the 115 MPH question. Later! Greg Smith


I own a '93 4x2 Dakota Club Cab w/318 V-8 and auto tranny. I am
relatively sure that my truck is RPM (rev) limited and positive that it is
MPH (speed) limited. My suspicion of rev limitation stems from the time
when I was accelerating from a stop under full-throttle application and
lost traction very suddenly. The tach needle jumped to the red zone
nearly instantaneously. Somewhere between 5000 and 6000 RPM, the engine
stopped making power abruptly as if the ignition had been turned off
and/or fuel delivery terminated. This loss of power only lasted about a
second or less. Since that occurrence, I've not made a habit of
experimenting with the rev limiter on a regular basis. On the other hand,
I have explored the top speed of my Dakota several times. My truck is
speed limited to 115 MPH. Under full-throttle acceleration, the auto
tranny in my Dakota shifts into OD and the torque converter locks up at
100 MPH. Engine RPM immediately before and after the shift are approx.
5200 RPM and 3000 RPM respectively. Continuing with full-throttle
application after the shift allows the truck to accelerate to an indicated
115 MPH at about 3400 or 3500 RPM. Then, again, as if I reached up and
shut the key off, power delivery ceases. This happens very consistently
at an indicated 115 MPH, and when it does, I immediately lift off the
throttle. When I step back into the throttle, everything is normal until
I reach the indicated 115 MPH. Again, the speed limiter shuts 'er down.


- Greg Smith <gmsmith@uiuc.edu>
  '93 Dakota 4x2 Club Cab V-8


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