Warning: Gas tank leak

From: Dick Mellon (dmell@voyager.net)
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 21:49:14 EDT

My last fill up caused a flood of gas from the top of my fuel tank.
An inspection today revealed that the screw type hose clamp,that holds
the electric in tank pump in the tank had broken its 2 spot welds.
This allowed the pump assembly to pop up a 1/2". Another Micky Mouse
Chrysler design? The clamp costs $12.75 if you can find one. The hose
clamp should go all the way around the pump,not just spot welded on.
  Has anyone else had this problem? Has there been a safety recall?
If you have access please foward to Dodge & NHTC. This is a 88 DAKOTA
with the 3.9 V6, VIN on request.
 Dick Mellon,
 E-mail, dmell@voyager.net
 Boyne City Michigan


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