Dakota year differences

From: Frank Ball (frankb@cougar.sr.hp.com)
Date: Fri Aug 09 1996 - 13:45:38 EDT

& Can anyone shed some light on model year
& differences for the Dakotas? I would like to put
& headers in my '96 V8 auto but I hear that the '95
& spec headers won't fit -- Dodge moved the engine
& around. Anyone got the scoop?

I don't think they moved anything. I think they would fit (I can't
garantee it), but it would be illegal. 1996 is the first year for OBD II
(On Board Diagnostics phase 2), and the headers have to be certified
by the EPA and CARB for the '96 truck all over again.

& Also, as I'm looking through the catalogs, they
& make a big deal at 92 and 93 then again at 94 and
& 95. And they don't say much about the '96.

'92 was the first "Magnum" engine. The designation changed from 318ci
to 5.2L. They completely changed the intake, went to port fuel
injection, changed from rocker shafts to rocker studs, the whole head
design is different, and who knows what else. HP went from 170 to 230.

'94 dropped to 220 HP. More torque, tigher emissions specs.

& We need a FAQ! A compilation of known year-to-year changes.


& Major changes, like the Magnum introduction, could be abbreviated,


& 94-95 Alloy wheels dropped in favor of chrome steel spokes....

They also introduced the "Preditor" style alloy wheels which were standard
on the Sport models and a no cost option on the SLT.

& I volunteer to compile this, if no one else wants to. I suggest we add this
& to the basic info in Chris Siano's Info Sheet.
& Sound okay?

Sounds great.

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