RE: Out of steam at 115 mph

From: daveb@xl.CA
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 22:00:57 EDT

>At 115, my Dak seemed to be running out of steam. I didn't check the
>tach but I'm sure it was a few hundred away from red (not enough
>engine noise), and I don't remember if it was in 3rd or OD at the time. I
>did have the windows up and the A/C on and was seriously trying to
>make a new hole in the floorboard with the pedal. I kinda think it had
>something to do with having all the aerodynamics of a brick wall.
>Comments? Any other Dakota top speeds to talk about? How about
>from you slammers? Lower should be better for topping out higher.

I too just came back from vacation and while travelling on one of the best
highways in BC ( The Coquihalla ) posted speed 110 kmh photo radar won't
kick in until you hit 130 kmh, anyway I had set the cruise control for 130
and I could maintain this speed on any grade while still in OD a couple of
jerks would pass me going down hill and then I would pass them while they
struggled with the uphill grade, I eventually found this anoying so when
they caught up to me again on a level section I slowly pressed down on the
gas, before I new it the turkeys were specks in ny mirrors and without even
having the pedal matted I was doing in the neighbourhood of 200kmh in OD and
the engine was ticking over at 3600 rpm's there was still plenty of power
left but couldn't test it any further as I was running out of road before
coming up to a radar trap ( I spotted it as I was coming around a corner a
klick or two away ). Let me tell ya, that was one hell of a rush.

'96 Dakota x-cab, 5.2L Magnum Auto.

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