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From: Glenn S. Wiltse (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 09:01:50 EDT


  My truck is a club cab, 4x4, V8, automatic... Sounds a lot like yours.
I don't have a trans cooler but I don't ussualy tow that much. I would like
to get some sort of a temperature guage just so I could see if/when it
starts to get how. Anyone know of a temp guage for a auto trans?
  My brother blew a seal on his Chevy Blazer when motoring up hills with
a load and trailer at 75. He figures it got hot and caused the seal failure.
(he fixed it himself in the side lot of a parts store in Roscomon Michigan,
pulled the trany and put it back with no Jack( I bet that wasn't fun)). I
told him I woulnd't mind a temp gauge to see what it's doing, and
possibly avoid problems like his.

    As for the hitch. I instaled a Drawtight class III hitch, and I never
drilled a hole on my 1996 frame. Only had to remove one bolt from the stock
bumper mount, cause the hitch shares that hole. There is a bracket that
connects two of the bumper bolts together(presumably to may assembly line
installation simple). You must romove or cut the bracket to remove the bolt
and that was frustrating to me. It did take a fair amount of giggling
to get all the bolts in, I also had a floor jack holding the majority of
the weight of the hitch while lining things up.

     Near as I can tell the hitch gets in the way of nothing. Not the
Spare tire or anything(except the ground when ground clearance is at a
premium while off roading.

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996 richard_gambino@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:

> Bob,
> I have the same set-up but in a club cab (4X4, which I assume yours
> is). I don't have a hitch now, but would possibly add one in the
> future. It sounds like yours is not the factory option. My question
> is whether you have the auxiliary trans cooler? I should have ordered
> it with the truck but figured I could always add one. Now it looks
> like it would be a bigger job than I thought (must remove grille,
> A/C condenser, etc.).
> Also, were there any problems installing the hitch, such as spare tire
> interference?
> Rich
> '96 V-8 4X4 club cab auto

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