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From: Sam (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 13:58:51 EDT

You wrote:
>& Performance: Extremely Pleasing! Averaging 62 mph to Yuma I got 12.5 mpg.
>& On my return trip to San Diego w/headwind I managed 11.5 mpg. I usually get
>& 14-16 around town, and high 17's, mid 18's on this particular drive
>& unloaded. The boat ramp thing was cool. I can actually IDLE THE TRUCK/BOAT
>& UP THE RAMP IN 1ST GEAR!! No gas...
>The computer wants it to idle at 600 rpm. It will feed the motor lots
>of gas and air to keep it there. I've "idled" backwards up a steep
>gravel driveway with a heavy load of firewood. It makes a nice low
>speed cruise control for this sort of thing. Obviously the engine
>has to be capable of making enough power at idle, but it isn't like
>"idleing" with a carborated motor.
>Frank Ball 1UR-M (707) 794-4168 work

    I don't quite understand how the computer can feed more gas/air (other than a
high-idle) without causing weird things to happen. I honestly feel that it is the
torque of the 5.2 engine keeping things going. If a large amount of air was
introduced to keep the engine running, I would hear it (I have the open K&N Air
    As an example of torque... I had a 1978 AMC Concord (A gift handed down to me
as my first car, honest!)... It had a 258 cid inline 6, with a 4 speed
transmission. I could put the car in 1st gear, and idle up any steep hill in my
area. My parents live up on a hill, and I would idle the thing all the way up
the hill as a stunt for my friends in high school. When I got my '95 Dakota, I
was curious to see if it too would idle up that same hill. It did easily..Even
with the AC on.

    If you think about it..If the computer would try to compensate for a large
need for gas/air, you would NEVER be able to stall the thing (5 speed). Believe
me, my wife HAS stalled my truck! :-)

    ...Sam '95 SLT


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