Re: towing story

From: Schelling, Paul M (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 14:37:00 EDT

Mine is from last weekend. Towed my girlfriend's Formula Ford on a 2-axle
trailer 300 miles to a Divisional Solo II autocross in Hartford, CT with the
bed filled with tools, spare parts, 3 sets of tires, etc. I've got a '93
2WD reg cab V6 5spd with no towing accomodations other than bolting a ball
into the bumper, snapping in a trailer light kit, and using Super gasoline.
 No problems whatsoever: drove 70 most of the time, but had to shift to 4th
and dropped to as slow as 55 on the steepest hills. Temperature never
budged. Burned no oil. Very stable, except under hard braking with all
that weight back there. Bumper held up fine.

The kicker was entering the truck in the autocross also. Finished last in
class, but not last overall, beating a Miata and a Prepared Datsun 510 among
others. Had a blast smoking tires and 2-wheel cornering and generally
frightening the natives. On the second day of the event, the Ford had
carburetion and fuel delivery problems, and I beat it too!

When we were done, we loaded it all up again and towed on in comfort. Talk
about an all-purpose vehicle.

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