Re: idling uphill

From: Bryan M. Harper (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 14:52:00 EDT

>>I can actually IDLE THE TRUCK/BOAT
>> UP THE RAMP IN 1ST GEAR!! No gas...
>The computer wants it to idle at 600 rpm. It will feed the motor lots
>of gas and air to keep it there. I've "idled" backwards up a steep
>gravel driveway with a heavy load of firewood. It makes a nice low
>speed cruise control for this sort of thing. Obviously the engine
>has to be capable of making enough power at idle, but it isn't like
>"idleing" with a carborated motor.

I have a 93 auto v8, and even the automatic will idle up hills, and if it
was too much work, the trans would let loose, and it doesn't so it is the
power or torque, or both!

Bryan Harper 93 LE v8 4X4 Auto Ext. Cab


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