Re: towing story

From: Robert Allen (
Date: Thu Aug 22 1996 - 04:46:06 EDT

Glenn S. Wiltse wrote:
> As for the hitch. I instaled a Drawtight class III hitch, and I never
> drilled a hole on my 1996 frame.

Damn curious. I had to drill four holes and enlarge two others.

Truck: 1996 Dakota regular cab short bed.
Hitch: Draw-Tite Model #75018

Instructions clearly (and accurately) tell you where and why you'll have to
drill the holes. Hitch mounts at 6 points, three on each side: One mount is
in the vertical plane through the existing bumper mounting bracket -- this
hole had to be opened up to 1/2 inch. There are 2 mounts on the horizontal
plane; neither of which had existing holes. The mount is on each side of the
rear spring shackle on the bottom part of the C-channel frame.

So what model number is the Draw-Tite "no-hole?" And, since there wasn't any
extra holes in my frame, how does the "no-hole" mount?

My truck didn't have the tow package. Do tow package trucks have holes but
no hitch?

Bob Allen, Kansas City

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