Re: '93 Dakota Sport 3.9V-6 Magnum Auto w/ Tow Package. Bolt-on Performance Options?

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Date: Mon Oct 21 1996 - 15:22:47 EDT

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>From: on Mon, Oct 21, 1996 12:46 P
>>Has anyone any experience with MSD ignitions or JET Performance Chip
>>upgrades? If so, what can I expect (price/performance/difficulty in
>>installation...). Any other recommendations of BOLT-ON Performance
>>would be appreciated.
>I would stay with the Mopar Peformance Computer. There seems to be a
>concensus on the Mopar Mailing List that the MSD box is better than Jacobs
>box (more reliable).

Thanks for your reply. Is there an inexpensive source (mail-order or
internet) to get the MOPAR performance computer (MPC)? I assume from
your reply, there is no problem in running the MPC with the MSD box...

>>I've noticed that I have a lot of VALVE/LIFTER noise. A local tune-up
>>mechanic says that this is normal in MOPAR engines? Any input on that?
>I have an 89 3.9l v6 with 201,000 miles and it makes no lifter noise. As far
>as I am concerned if you have VALVE/LIFTER noise either the lifters are shot,
> rockers are worn or valve guides are worn.
Outch! Guess I'd better get it in to the DODGE dealer and have them
check it out. The truck only has 53k on it, and the engine looks like
new. I certainly hope there's no problem with wear, but then I don't
know how the previous owner (1 local owner) drove the vehicle.

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