Re: 4x4 necessity -Reply

Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 20:45:07 EST

I agree with Jason, exactly. I would get nowhere in my 2WD Dak
in the snow, but in a ditch. That's why we have the "World's first
Sport Utility Wagon 'mate'", the Outback, which does wonders in the snow up
here in Washington state. Don't get me wrong, I would luv to get a new 97 Ext
short bed, with the 318, Vortech 6 psi blower and other torque goodies,
minimum 6" lift and 33/12.50's, emerald green please. Point is, I would maybe
go of-road 10% of my time. It would be too nice to scatch up!!!
Krazy Kooter (big dreams, skinny wallet)

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