RE: Re: "off" sticker price and 360 perf parts.

From: Mok, Alan (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 17:22:57 EDT

If you paid 2k over MSRP then you SHOULD be pissed off. When I was shopping
for an R/T in So. Cal. I called about 10 dealers in the State. There was a
dealer in the San Diego area (if I recall that's where you're from) who was
asking $26.7k for a CC. Don't remember the dealership name but Richard
Gillmore was the sales manager. I told him I found 3 other dealers who were
asking for MSRP. He was willing to match it but no better. I am surprise a
dealer would sell it for much less than MSRP since they all know it's a very
limited/desirable model. I don't know the car sales business but it seems
that any R/Ts that a dealership receives is as good as gold and only the
most "connected" salesperson could make the deal and pocket the commish. I
was handed off to a "senior" salesman after the first guy I talked to
realized I was serious about the R/T.


'88 x-CHP Mustang LX
'89 Mustang GT (347, Griggs, S-trim and the list goes on...)
'98 Dakota R/T CC (why? Ever try to tow with a Ranger?)

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                Im Hacked. The more I know, the more pissed I get. What
would motivate the
                WI dealer to discount his R/T? I know "my" dealer saw me
coming a mile off,
                but Im a basically good person (with a lead foot) that Just
wanted an R/T.
                I didnt deserve (IMHO) the 2K markup. Spilt milk...
Anyhow, Does anyone
                know if any Mopar perf parts are available for the '98 360
                headers and computer are the main ones Im after.
                Deep amethyst '98 CC R/T 360 DAKota

                At 01:18 PM 6/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Since nobody from the list bit on the black R/T (if you
did, you didn't
>offer me a ride!), we'll try again. Same dealer (Don
Miller Dodge in
>Madison WI) has a blue reg cab R/T for $19,900. I believe
sticker is
>around $22,000. I was told it has overhead console (but
haven't seen the
>vehicle so usual disclaimers apply) which would be
relatively rare among
>R/T's. Nice truck with a discount off sticker as opposed
to a mark up over
>sticker. Happy hunting!
>> From: Dave Rench <>
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>> Subject: Dakota R/T In WI $2,000 off sticker price
>> Date: Sunday, April 12, 1998 3:48 PM
>> For anybody that may be interested, I was in Madison, WI
over the weekend
>> and there is a black, reg cab, 5.9 R/T for sale at Don
Miller Dodge
>> don't have the phone number on me). It was optioned
similarly to the
>> others described on the list (no overhead console). I
didn't write the
>> actual prices down, but the sticker was in the area of
$20,900 I believe
>> and it was marked as available for around $18,900 (until
4/20 or so it
>> said). I was tempted to try and work something out (it's
one sharp
>> but having just purchased a '97 5.2 last spring, I think
the depreciation
>> gods would have their way with me. If anybody on this
list buys it, I'd
>> love a ride!
>> Dave Rench
>> Krause Publications

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