Re: Cup holders and five-speeds

From: Robert Tufts (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 17:32:21 EDT

>> First off: Do you know the guy/gal who designed the cup holder
>> on my '97 with 5-spd? Is this person a heavy crack user?

>Hear, hear!! I knew I wasn't alone in the 5-spd and no-soda
>universe. I have yet to find a drink container that will fit in
>the cup holder and not get crushed by a shift second gear, fourth
>gear, or reverse.

Hmmm, I didn't really pay attention the other day when stopping by
McD's for a couple of med drinks. Maybe the '98s are different, but I got
to where I was going (through the gears many times) and nothing was
crushed or spilled.

-Bob T. '98 Sport+ CC 4X4 V8 5sp 4WABS 3.55 Towing

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