Re: Electric fans on your Dak

From: jim miller (
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 23:34:38 EDT

> > Has anyone looked at the Grand Wagoneer 5.9 fan setups? They have a temp
> > sensor that goes in the upper radiator hose and the wiring just goes from
> > the sensor to the fan with a separate power hookup.
> Yes, please take some notes on the GW setup. Maybe even post a quick
> schematic. The fans that I have been looking at come with adjustable
> thermostats to perform just what you described. I am wondering where
> the thermostat would go. I've seen fan kits where the temp sensor
> goes between the fins of the radiator. I'd rather have a sensor
> sitting in the coolant.

The best place for a fan thermostat is in or near the thermostat houising or
the cooling jacket area of a cylender head. You want to know the engine temp
not just the radiator temp. It is very simple to build a power relay circuit
to turn the fans on. You want to use a relay and power the fans directly from
the battery through a fuse or circuit breaker. The 5 pin Bosch relays work
well for this. I can draw a schematic for this but I would have to scan it to
put it up to be seen and some people cant receive graphics. So if anyone wants
to see what I have used on many electric radiator fan setups, Email me and i'll
draw you one. These work well and dont let the fan run when the key is off.

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