Re: Wed nite drags 5-20

From: Troy Olin (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 02:22:11 EDT


I won't make it this week my sister has a sectional softball game i'm
going to. Also there was a fucking tornato in Perry, took out
everything in it's way. There were four of them, holy shit i couldn't
believe it! Luckly no one way hurt as of this moment. My girl friend
walked out of where she works and looked up--there it was a dam twister,
it was in the air still and going away from her, still it was only about
100 ft away. She was scared at the moment, but seeing a twister was one
of her life goals, don't ask why! So anyway I don't think it should
affect racing tomarrow! good luck and hopefully I can make it down
there soon!

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