FABM14: First report

From: svieth@ameritech.net
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 16:50:17 EDT

I received my FABM14 kit from Summit today.
The parts are:
EDL-1221 air cleaner (with paper element)
EDL-8093 spacer
SUM-239143 noname 14 x 3 reusable cotton gauze filter

When assembled, this thing is HUGE!!

It's a great deal larger than the FABM10 that I am currently running
on my '97 Dakota.

When time permits, I'm going to try the air cleaner on my
truck with and without the spacer to verify the reports
of interference with the alternator or A/C bracket.

I also have the FABC (Fresh Air by Catlin) kit on order:
The FABC consists of the following parts which I have
on order with Summit:
Mopar Performance P5249807 Cast air cleaner system (14")
K&N 1530 reusable cotton gauze filter

I'll try the FABC when it arrives sometime later this week
and report to the list. Both parts were in the Summit warehouse when
I placed the order on Monday so I should see the stuff before Friday.

I'll compare the FABM14 to the FABC and post a summary
to the list. One stays on the truck, the other goes back to Summit
(unless someone wants to buy it from me).

'97 Dak

p.s. Everyone on the list already knew that you can order Mopar
Performance parts from Summit at a cheaper price than your local
dealership, right? Also, Koller Dodge (www.kollerdodge.com) is even
cheaper yet but the orders take a little longer to ship. I've got
some Mopar goodies on order with Koller. I hope they show up by the

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