questions and observations on new R/T

From: Mok, Alan (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 13:07:18 EDT

I just picked up my CC R/T over the weekend after waiting for a month. I
looked underneath briefly and noticed that it has ULTRA FLO muffler. (These
are great mufflers BTW. I have them on my blown Mustang). I notice that the
muffler is a "universal" fit part and installed with clamps. Not very OEM
and in my opionion prone to leaks. I also notice that the pipe diameter
varies throughout the length of the exhaust. The down pipe adjacent to the
transmission pan is on the small side as well. Has anyone made any exhaust
mods to their R/T yet? I wonder if there is an aftermarket "down pipe"

IMHO the engine should be capable of a lot more HP/torque by freeing up some
restrictions in the intake and exhaust. Where should I start?


'88 x-CHP Mustang LX
'89 Mustang GT (347, Griggs, S-trim and the list goes on...)
'98 Dakota R/T CC (why? Ever try to tow with a Ranger?)

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