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>Yes I know that the true-spokes used on low-sliders have problems, but when
I talked with the wheel tech at Salesco, they said that their spoked wheels
are balanced and trued then the wire tips coming up thru the rim are then
welded to the rim and rebalanced. He also said that this makes for a
stronger wheel, now whether this story is true or not, I guess I'll have to
find out, unless somebody else has had any dealings with this business and
their wire wheels and have found that their wheels weren't holding up.

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>Be careful when buying true spoke wire wheels. I work with a guy that has
>on his lo-rider s-10 at work. He says they are a pain in the ass to get
>balanced. The wheel has to be balanced before the tire is installed, then
>balanced again. He says the spokes are like the ones on a bike wheel, and
>when one works itsself loose it throws the whole thing out of balance.
>look really cool, but too much work for me.

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